Even with the recent release of the Switch, Nintendo’s not quite done introducing new handheld 3DS models. The New 2DS XL is the latest 3DS model to hit the market: having the power and size of a New 3DS, but at a lower price point and 2D-only.

The New 2DS XL is a model between the price and capabilities of the standard 2DS and the 3DS XL systems. Unlike the original 2DS, this console rocks the clamshell design you see in the 3DS and New 3DS models.

Many of the New 3DS’s functionalities are included on the new console. You will be able to scan Amiibos with built-in NFC readers, and you can also play games using the built-in C-stick.

This 3DS model will come with a stylish black/turquoise color scheme. Various other colors have been announced, including a special Dragon Quest design and a white/gold design for the Japanese market.

The New 2DS XL will release on July 13th alongside Hey! Pikmin It will also come close to the release of the Mii-based JRPG, Miitopia.