No Brake Games’ quirky rag doll physics puzzle-platformer, Human Fall Flat, will make its console debut very soon. On May 12th, you’ll be able to enjoy Human Fall Flat on Xbox One and PS4.

In the game, you’ll play as a blob man with a body that moves like play-doh. Beating the game will take creative thinking and learning the game’s quirky physics. You can read more from our experience playing the demo and interviewing the developers at PAX East.

The publisher, Curve Digital, revealed that if you pre-order the game for either console, you’ll receive a copy of Manual Samuel for free. Manual Samuel is another title published under Curve Digital and it’s a “dexterity adventure” game that released just back in October. PS4 pre-orders of Human Fall Flat will additionally give you a special PS4 theme.

Like its PC release, you will be able to pick up the game for a price of $14.99. So, get ready to laugh and stumble a lot- Human Fall Flat‘s goofy platforming adventure is almost here.

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