As Andy L. and I ventured into the halls of C2E2 in McCormick Place in Downtown Chicago, IL, I was eagerly awaiting perhaps the best part of any Comic Con, the cosplay. Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is a huge event, comparable with New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con. I knew if I attended just one day, it HAD to be Saturday so I could see all the hard work people put into their costumes. We got to see everything from pop culture to comics, to games, and even some cosplay I have never seen before.

Games were the focus for Gamer Assault Weekly, and we sure got our fill. Overwatch was a top competitor this year, with several Mercy, D.Va, and Tracers roaming about. One particular Halloween Mercy we saw had a very elaborate setup with her wings, which allowed her to move about the show floor but still have them available. It was a fascinating to see the cosplayer’s innovation to the problem. She built a locking mechanism for the wings, so they were on PVC hinges that could unlock and swing out to their full width for pictures, but then swing back in and say in place for walking around the floor. Another fun and innovative cosplay was Snake from the Metal Gear, but he was wandering with a “hat” of a box. He even went so far as to put “The Orange” logos on it! Unfortunately, the halls were tight and we didn’t get a chance to get a picture.


I haven’t gone to a lot of conventions, and it’s been several years since I’ve attended one loaded with impressive cosplay. C2E2 this past weekend was a loud, packed, and exciting event full of all things nerdy. I definitely enjoyed attending this year and getting the chance to geek out!

We managed to grab pics of a few great costumes people had pulled together. The Borderlands crew included in the gallery below captured that cel-shaded look exceptionally well. We saw a Mega Slowbro costume, consisting of a woman in a pink bodysuit wearing a giant spiral shell, and a group of ‘henchmen’ holding up signs advertising their availability to any nearby evil villains. There was another guy in a full Warhammer Marine getup. I’m 6’2″ and I felt pretty tiny next to this guy. One of my favorite non-videogame costumes was a couple dressed up as Al and Peg Bundy from Married With Children. The real kicker was the floral-patterned couch they were sitting on in the main lobby of the hotel! As Bobby said, there were a whole lot of Overwatch cosplay throughout the entire show floor, mostly focused around D.Va, Reaper and Mercy. You could definitely tell between the cosplayers, vendors, and artists that Overwatch was a hot commodity!

To top it off, Gamer Assault Weekly’s own Nicole of the Community Development team was there too! She was competing in the C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay. Her custom League of Legends, Project: Leona cosplay won 1st place in SFX! It was fascinating when we’d get little updates on her project internal to the team. Hopefully one day I can try my hand at a cosplay, though I’ll never be so good to be in the Crown Championship!

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