Psyonix’s latest update to Rocket League brings yet another goofy non-traditional mode to the game. You’ve played the basketball-inspired Hoops and the superpowered Rumble and now, get ready for Dropshot Mode.

Rocket League‘s Dropshot mode is unlike any other mode so far. It’s a volleyball-like game in an arena with hexagonal tiles. There aren’t any goals or scoring areas. Instead, you need to create them by making destroying tiles on the other opponents’ side of the court.

Knock the ball downwards on the tiles, and when a tile disappears, it creates a gap where you can try to score. Hit the ball so it drops down a hole in the opposite team’s side. If it sounds confusing, you can take a look at in action in an official video by Psyonix.

Additionally, Easter items have been added to the game. These items include the Easter Egg Antenna, Easter Basket Topper, and the Bunny Ears Topper.

Note: these items will appear for a limited time. You can find them as random post-game drops between now and April 17.

The new Rocket League update is now available. For the full patch notes, check out Psyonix’s page.

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