Part of the fun of any gaming convention is the excitement of getting to play new games. ThinkGeek’s hype, however, wasn’t centered on games being showcased, but the cool new products they brought that were based on popular games. Many products were for sale, but a few were debuted for the first time. Are you a fan of the Mario franchise? ThinkGeek showed off a cute Piranha Plant puppet that would be right up your alley. If you spend more time at the table than on the couch, they had colorful D20 dice that would be fit for any RPG-lover. There was also a 1:6 replica model of T-51 Armor from Fallout, large Street Fighter pins, and their recently released Bag of Holding +1.

Piranha Plant Hand Puppet

First up, when talking with Jeff Burchett of ThinkGeek, was the ever-fearsome Piranha Plant. The bane of every Super Mario player in World 1-2 were these vicious plants, whose untimely appearance could hinder even the best-laid plans of speed runs. But, now, you can control the frequency of the unexpected popping out of the carnivorous plant! With the Piranha Plant Hand Puppet, you can have a cute extension to your arm, poised to give delight to all.  I was given the opportunity to play with the little guy at the Piranha Plant Adoption Center at the booth that ThinkGeek had at their booth, which was a very cute setup.

The surface is a very soft fleece material that holds heat when using it but, unless you plan to nom all your family and friends at once, you shouldn’t need to worry about the heat that can accumulate. It’s extremely lightweight and soft, providing good fun for every friend or family member. At full length, the officially licensed Super Mario Piranha Plant extends to 14 inches. When not in use, it retreats back into its green pipe for safe-keeping and easy storage.

Head on over to to pick up this fuzzy pal for only $19.99 USD. Don’t worry, these little guys don’t require much, and don’t even need to be fed!

Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armor – 1:6 Scale

Action figures were a staple of many millennial’s childhoods. Today, they are more collectibles than playthings, found in the form of POP Figures and resin statues from various games. Now, ThinkGeek is doubling down on our love of amazing replicas with the T-51 Power Armor by ThreeZero. Not only will the incredibly detailed Power Armor be a neat action figure, but it has several interchangeable parts and even has 35 points of articulation. Want to pose it in an epic Superhero slam? You can! Or, maybe, you want it to fist-bump either the inferior T-45 or T-60 armor ThreeZero has also put out? You can do that, too. But, be careful, ThinkGeek’s T-51 is the best armor in the game and just may break the other units!

This incredible T-51 Power Armor comes with the base skeleton and each armor panel that can be individually added to have the whole set assembled. It stands pretty tall, too. At 14 1/2″, it’s sure to tower over any other puny figures that adorn your shelves. If you’re ready to defend the Commonwealth with some badass armor, you can’t go wrong here. The exclusive Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armor retails for $374.99 USD on

Street Fighter Enamel Pin Diorama

ThinkGeek really hit the nostalgia note with their new products, and kept it going with their Street Fighter Enamel Pins. Chun-Li and Ryu stand at 2 inches, they’re a pretty substantial size and are sure to stick out if you’re a pin collector. Debuted at PAX East, where the Pinny Arcade is a huge collectors paradise, it’s sure to turn some heads. If you’re a collector that likes to leave the items in the original packaging, these pins come in a slick case that stylized as an old arcade machine with Ryu’s stage in Japan. But, if you prefer to wear them, they can be worn via the stickback pin style and rubber stopper.

ThinkGeek’s Street Fighter Enamel Pin Diorama can be found on their website for $29.99 USD.


Critical Hit Solar and Lunar D20 Dice

Anyone who’s played any game with dice knows the feeling of unadulterated satisfaction when you nail that critical roll. The tension in your arm as you shake the die, and drop it onto the unforgiving table. The prattle the corners make as it jumps and skips, settling on one side. Then, as you realize the number staring up at you is just what you need and the joy overwhelms you. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, ThinkGeek has introduced their newest Critical Hit dice, the convention exclusive Solar and Lunar D20 Dice. What makes these cool enough to be such an exclusive item? Well, when that miraculous Natural 20 is rolled, the entire die lights up to share your glee. Perhaps you just managed to decapitate the dragon 3 levels above you in Dungeons and Dragons, or managed the maximum possible healing potential for your friends. Whatever it was, the whole table will know what just happened.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to pick these up, these special dice are only sold at ThinkGeek’s booth during an event.


Bag of Holding +1

With all of these sweet goodies coming out from ThinkGeek, you’re going to need some way to carry them around. What better way than the recently re-engineered Bag of Holding +1? The original Bag of Holding was created to help geeks who think carry their computer, goods, and nerdy goodies from point A to point B. At the time, it was tailored to suit the biggest laptop out, which was the 17″ MacBook Pro. However, now, our gaming laptops are bigger, beefier, heavier, and with a larger screen size. So, to suit this and other needs from the geeky community, ThinkGeek has come out with an updated version. Now a full 2 inches deeper, it can hold your laptop, board games, tablet, phone, and even has a pocket for pens!

Made of a sturdy, jean/burlap material, it boasts a very tough and reliable feel. To further add to the updated structural integrity, there are extra pads on the bottom corners to further protect the corners of your board game boxes or laptop you may be carrying to a friends place or out and about for everyday use. Gamer Assault Weekly will be reviewing the Bag of Holding in the next few weeks, so be sure to come back for a full review!

Retailing at $49.99 USD, the Bag of Holding +1 can be found at ThinkGeek as simply the Bag of Holding.


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