Overwatch‘s Patch 2.05 brings in Season 4 of competitive play, and in addition, a number of updates to the game. So, here’s the breakdown of what’s coming.

For those of you who enjoy Custom Game shenanigans, Blizzard has introduced the Game Browser. So, what is it? Essentially, the Game Browser is an extension of Overwatch‘s Custom Game mode.

You can tinker with switches and sliders for game modes, hero abilities, movement speed, health, damage, and much more. You can let anyone in on your custom game or alternatively set it to Friends/Invite-only. There’s also the option to hop in and find a game among lists of public custom games. For more details, check out the trailer below and read Blizzard’s official page.

In addition, for those of you who enjoyed Capture the Rooster during the Lunar New Year event, Capture the Flag has been added into the game as a permanent game mode. Blizzard stated that it’s been Overwatch‘s most popular brawl so far, and so it’s here to stay.

Hero balances from PTR have also been brought into the server. Bastion in particular has received a significant amount of improvements. Now, Bastion’s Recon mode is stronger and makes him more flexible in swapping between his modes. He’s received a new passive called “Ironclad,” which lets him take 35% less damage while in Configuration: Sentry or Tank.

For a full list of hero balances and updates, you can read the patch notes. The update rolls out today on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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