Orisa, the latest Overwatch hero, will arrive to Overwatch soon. After spending the past few weeks in the public test realm, Numbani’s robotic protector will officially release on March 21 across all platforms.

Compared to past heroes, Orisa has needed a bit of extra time being playtested in PTR. According to Jeff Kaplan, her extended time in PTR “will be for the better.” They’ve managed to get strong feedback and made a number of adjustments, including nerfs to her weapon’s ammo and her Ultimate’s cost being raised by 15%.

Orisa is a tank hero who “serves as the central anchor of her team.” For more information about her skills and her backstory, you can check out our write-up about her reveal. Blizzard’s official site lets you look at her abilities in action as well.

Overwatch‘s latest hero will arrive on March 21 next week. Her release will also come alongside notable nerfs for Ana and adjustments to Bastion.

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