Nintendo of America‘s Treehouse has decided to further branch into social media. If you’ve never heard of the Treehouse, they’re the division of the company known for handling the translation of many titles into English. For the past few years, we’ve started to see the Treehouse team make event and live stream appearances. Now, they’re inviting fans to learn more about them and their work through a brand new Tumblr blog, the Nintendo Treehouse Log.

Nintendo’s Bill Trinnen, head of the Nintendo Treehouse, states that this new blog will “offer insight into games and franchises you love, presented from a unique Treehouse perspective.” So, from it sounds like, we might get to learn more about the translation decisions behind some games and a bit of the behind-the-scenes look at working on Nintendo’s titles. Trinnen himself is incredibly well known for his work on Earthbound‘s legendary translation; hopefully, we’ll learn more about it through the Treehouse Log.

One post by the Treehouse’s Nate B. talks about how surprising this all is. Back when he joined in 2000, he “never talked about anything outside the office, ever.” The Treehouse was once a fairly reclusive branch of Nintendo; but now, it’s greatly grown its presence through streaming and event presence. Opening this Tumblr is part of that.

Trinnen conclude his post, stating, “We may not cover every game or every IP, and we won’t pull the curtain all the way back, but our hope is that the Nintendo Treehouse Log will evolve into something fans will enjoy,” The Treehouse Log will update periodically rather than on a set schedule. If you’re interested in continuing to learn about their work, you can follow the blog here.

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