There has been no more popular game over the last year (except maybe Pokémon GO) than Overwatch, so obviously if you’re oh, I don’t know – a big videogame publisher and hardware manufacturer that recently launched a new platform – it might be beneficial to have said game on your platform.

Turns out things aren’t looking so rosy on that front, according to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan

“Getting Overwatch on the Switch is very challenging for us,” Kaplan said on Reddit. “But we’re always open-minded about exploring possible platforms.”

Kaplan did say that he’s enjoying the Switch personally, and is a big fan of Nintendo overall (his “second-favorite” gaming system ever is the 3DS), but didn’t elaborate on exactly what is limiting the possibility of Overwatch on the Switch.

If we had to speculate, it might be a problem with the overall power of the Switch not being strong enough to run Overwatch at an acceptable framerate, though it might also have something to do with how Nintendo plans to implement their online service.

The news isn’t good for anyone hoping to get Overwatch on the Switch anytime soon, but it’s not flat out doom for fans who hope the hero-based shooter makes its way to their platform either, and the Switch is performing quite well for both Nintendo and retailers, even if it is hard to snag a Pro Controller at the moment.

Should we hear more on a potential Switch version of Overwatch, we’ll let you know.

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