Amiibos for Fire Emblem Echoes’ protagonists, Alm and Celica, will release alongside the game. If you’ve been wondering what sort of these new Amiibo will offer, Nintendo has finally announced how Amiibo figures will function in the latest Fire Emblem title.

Using the Alm and Celica Amiibo figures in Fire Emblem Echoes will unlock exclusive dungeons for your game. These dungeons will offer players the chance to gain some extra levels or items, possibly like the gold and EXP DLC maps in Awakening and Fates.

You can also use Amiibo to summon temporary illusory allies. Using an item called Mila’s Turnwheel, you can summon an AI-controlled ally who fights as your ally for one turn in battle. These characters can level up and you can save the stats of your Alm or Celica to your Amiibo.

Other Fire Emblem Amiibo can also be used in Fire Emblem Echoes. Including the still unreleased Corrin, you can use Amiibo to summon similar temporary allies like Ike and Robin. All other Amiibo outside the Fire Emblem series will summon a monster who aids you for a turn.

Nintendo also started taking pre-orders for the game’s limited edition. The Limited Edition contains an artbook, soundtrack CD, and a reversible box cover that features art for Echoes on one side and classic Fire Emblem Gaiden art on the other. The release also comes alongside three sprite art pins of Alm, Celica, and Marth.

The Limited Edition sells in retail for $60. Sadly, as per usual, Gamestop and Amazon pre-orders have already gone down– our apologies, guys. If we hear any updates about the Limited Edition’s stock, we’ll gladly let you know.

Fire Emblem Echoes arrives globally for 3DS on May 19. To learn more about its unique gameplay, read our detailed write-up here.