Final Fantasy XV‘s March update is here. Square Enix’s trailer addresses the biggest addition this patch brings: promised changes to the game’s polarizing Chapter 13. It’s more than just a simple balancing fix, though. Director Hajime Tabata and the team deliver a brand new gameplay and story experience with the addition of “Chapter 13, Verse 2.”

Check out the trailer here. Although, be warned: there’s some story spoilers. It does hype up some moments from pretty late into the game’s story, after all.

Chapter 13, Verse 2 once again places the player in the party’s attack on Zegnautus Keep. Except this time, the player isn’t controlling Noctis. Now, players can experience a new side of the story from Gladiolus and Ignis’s perspective, who are separated from Noctis at this moment in the story.

The player will control Gladio during this portion. Like in Episode Gladiolus, Gladio will offer players an intense action experience that’s unique from Noctis’s standard gameplay. Plus, expect all new cinematics that further elaborate the story.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has delivered a fix to the base version of Chapter 13. Noctis’s Ring of Lucii has received a great buff to help players clear that section of the game with less frustration. The Ring has even become so strong that the trailer teases that you can easily destroy the enormous Adamantoise post-game boss with it.

To explain what the adjustments are all about, Chapter 13 has been due for a patch. Chapter 13 is a long playable section where Noctis is separated from his friends and his only weapon is the Ring of Lucii. Unfortunately, you’re forced to defend yourself using magic attacks that take too long to fire or kill your enemies. As a result, many gamers found it annoyingly stressful. In response, Director Hajime Tabata promised that adjustments to Chapter 13 were on the way.

Final Fantasy XV‘s March update is available now. Players who have already completed Chapter 13 can access Chapter 13, Verse 2 now– and thankfully, it doesn’t require to run through the story all over again. Use the game’s “Special” menu to play it.

Episode Gladiolus also arrives tomorrow via the update. Players who have the Season Pass will be able to start playing tomorrow, and you can also purchase it separately for $4.99.

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