If you’re looking to pick up some new games, you’re in luck. This week, Target will be running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free video game deal. You’ll be able to pick up some of 2017’s hottest releases and more under this deal.

Target’s deal starts today and lasts until Saturday, March 11. When you buy two games, you’ll get the third for free; the lowest-priced game of the three is free. The deal applies to both in-store and online purchases.

The Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal applies to all consoles except for the newly released Nintendo Switch. Gamers looking to build up a library of Switch games will unfortunately need to wait for future deals to come around.

In the mean time, there’s a number of excellent picks you can use this deal towards. Ghost Recon: Wildlands and NieR: Automata both apply to this deal when they launch tomorrow. You can also use it towards other popular releases like Horizon: Zero Dawn and For Honor.

Check out the full list of titles on Target’s website. See anything you fancy?