Street Fighter V‘s next Season 2 DLC fighter comes in with a wintery chill. Kolin (pronounced like “Colleen”) makes her way into the game as a playable fighter. You’ve previously seen her as Street Fighter III villain Gill’s secretary, and throughout the story of Street Fighter V. Now, she’s ready to fight.

Capcom published a trailer for her today. The trailer is set to Lupe Fiasco’s “It’s Not Design” from his brand new album DROGAS Light. Capcom and Lupe Fiasco have recently teamed up to promote the game at the DROGAS Light launch party. Check out her moves in action below.

Kolin fights with Russian martial art of Systema, “utilizing the opponent’s momentum against them and executing various slash-like attacks and knife hand strikes.” Gill has given her ice-based powers, allowing her to incorporate icy attacks into her arsenal.

As for her role in the story, she serves Gill as part of the Illuminati and wants to crush Shadaloo. She’s also a comrade of Urien. The Capcom Unity blog teases that her character story will explain why she hates Shadaloo and how she became involved with Gill.

The trailer also shows off a few costumes. One is based on her Street Fighter V story appearance, and another is inspired by her original appearance in Street Fighter III.

Street Fighter V Kolin Costumes

For those of you lucky enough to attend Lupe Fiasco’s album launch party with Capcom, you’ll be among the first to try her out before her official release. Entry will be limited, and is an 18 and over only event. We’ll learn more about how she plays from people who have the chance to try her out at this event.

Kolin will officially release on February 28. Four more characters will be released this season. Until we learn more about those, stay frosty, guys.

Street Fighter V Kolin Critical Art

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