Devolver Digital was at PAX South 2017 and they had a few games to show off. I was able to play a little bit of two of them and both blew my mind. Shadow Warrior 2 made me want to go right out, buy it, and play it until I was dead. Ruiner, their unannounced title, until PAX South that is, made me just want to die. Not in a bad way mind you. I’ll tell you about my experiences with both and even though I had short time with both games, Devolver Digital took me for a wild ride.


Let’s start with the game that made me want to curl up into a ball and cry. It made me want to cry not because it was a bad game and not because it was a sad game, but because I was so bad at it! Let me say that I am not a PC gamer. I am terrible with a mouse and keyboard. Get me a controller and I’m top of my game. Ruiner, although they have plans to make a controller configuration, is played with the bane of my existence and therefore made this game harder than hell! I died so many times that my whole team was laughing at me.


Yeah…Ruiner…of my life.

The game is made hard. They don’t have a learning/easy/you suck mode. Devolver shows you the steps at first, the many and multiple moves, weapons, and special powers that are provided you and then the rest is up to you. Good Luck, ya mook! Like many of the modern Hack & Slashes out there (like Dark Souls), you die and you die a lot. “Ruiner is a brutal action shooter” and they are not kidding. The game is bloody, violent, and complete chaos. The guns leave spray shots and the pipe that you bash enemies heads in with makes a wonderful sound. Yet even so, the story is there and it takes you on a wild, adventurous revenge tale.

Ruiner is set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok. You play as a somewhat robotic/cybernetic sociopath that lashes out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under the guidance of a secretive, weird hacker voice in your head. I didn’t get very far in the game because as I said, I was awful at it. However, the game is a lot of fun and I kept doing missions over and over again just so I could say I completed it. It felt good to move on to the next area. I will say that the music in this game is one of the factors that pump you up to keep going. “We have the intense beats of Khoven, DJ Alina, and famed anime composer Susumu Hirasawa (Paprika, Millennium Actress).” 

Ruiner will hopefully be being released in the summer of 2017 for PC. While there is no console port as of yet, the developer told us, “eventually, its definitely in the plans.” When this game comes to console you can bet your bottom dollar I will be there. I have something to prove now. Check out some of the screenshots for this fast paced nightmare of a game and hopefully you all do better than me.

Game: Ruiner
Developer: Reikon Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release: Summer 2017


Shadow Warrior 2

While Shadow Warrior 2 wasn’t the newest game at PAX South, it was one of the best. A fast paced, barbaric, action, shoot and loot kind of game. The music, the scenery, the graphics, and all the new mechanics keep you playing until you are seeing it in your sleep, or at least a fever dream.

Shadow Warrior 2 - Screen 10

The second game continues with Lo Wang’s story five years after the first game. and they have upgraded many things since then. Blades, bullets, four player Co-Op, procedurally generated landscapes, and a crazy new damage and upgrade system, all of which breathe new life into the franchise.

So, why show off a game that has already been out on the PC for a year? Well, the reason Shadow Warrior 2 was there were for a couple of wonderful announcements. One, the game is coming to Consoles, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2017. More importantly Devolver and Flying Wild Hog wanted to announce their free DLC, Way of the Wang, is also releasing a few months after the full game’s console debut.

Shadow Warrior 2’s The Way of the Wang DLC opens up a new area within the game’s hub town, presenting seven special trials for Lo Wang to unlock and overcome.

“Players will be able to earn new crafting abilities, weapon gem slots, and base weapon stat upgrades upon completing each new trial with the new Fist of Gozu battle axe awaiting those warriors that complete all of the trials.”

The DLC also includes three new tiers for Insane difficulty and five new achievements to unlock in the campaign. Way of the Wang made me laugh like a mad man while I cut through demons with sword, ax, and mini gun. While the game sort of plays up on the Asian stereotypes, Lo Wang is an annoying, raving, pun-heavy lunatic that makes the game fun and interesting. The backgrounds and details in the game are gorgeous from the cherry blossom trees to the details to the moon-lit stroll on a mountain side. Check out some screenshots from Shadow Warrior 2 below.

Devolver definitely had one of the best set ups at PAX and both games took me from one extreme to the next. I urge you, dear reader, to take a look at both Ruiner, for its immense challenges, and Shadow Warrior 2, for its mindless, violent fun. You will not be disappointed.

Shadow Warrior 2
 Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: First Quarter 2017

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