Red Dead Redemption 2 will be offering huge online services. While Rockstar hasn’t cleared up if we can expect something of GTA Online‘s proportions, it will no doubt be an important feature. Because of this, investors are wondering: can GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online mode co-exist?

CEO Strauss Zelnick doesn’t believe this to be a problem. Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online content will not detract or take away from their existing fanbase in GTA Online, he suggested. Fans will want to keep enjoying both.

Zelnick suggested that both games are high quality products that both have their appeal. GTA Online players may not necessarily be compelled to replace their time playing Red Dead‘s online; and likewise, there will be fans who will enjoy both. Their latest online efforts won’t compete with each other for this reason.

“I don’t think there’s any competitive dynamic with any of our upcoming releases apart from the fact that our success is driven by quality,” he stated. The success of the highly-anticipated Red Dead sequel “will be driven by its quality.” The ongoing success of Grand Theft Auto Online too “is driven by its extraordinary quality,” he argued.

During the financial earnings call, Zelnick was also asked about its sales potential. He didn’t give a direct answer, but pointed to its predecessor’s success. The first Red Dead Redemption shipped 8.5 million copies during its first year, and shipped a total of 15 million copies in its lifetime.

Expect Red Dead Redemption 2 during fall this year. It will arrive on Xbox One and PS4.