Niantic has to decided to Pokémon Go to the Johto region in a major content update aimed to release this week. After previously introducing Generation II’s baby Pokémon into eggs, Pokémon Go‘s massive content update brings the long awaited addition of Pokémon Gold and Silver‘s Pokémon into the game.

Now, exploring familiar areas around you will reveal all sorts of new Pokémon. If you’ve caught them all, there’s now a whole new set of Pokémon with a brand new attitude. Various Generation II Pokémon were confirmed in the official reveal, including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. Some Pokémon, who were originally found in Kanto, have some brand new evolutions for you to train and battle with!

Alongside the new Pokémon, Niantic will be rolling out some brand new features. Poké Stops will introduce new items. You might find a few items that’ll be useful for evolving your Pokémon. Perhaps, has Niantic brought the evolution stones like Fire Stones, Water Stones, and Thunder Stones into the game?

Additionally, new berries will help give you capture wild Pokémon. Nanab Berries will slow down a wild Pokémon’s movements. If you ever get ticked off by a Pokémon constantly jabbing your Poké Balls away, using a Nanab Berry would help you slow them down. Pinap Berries allow you to double the amount of berries you’d earn from a successful capture. For some of those rare Pokémon that don’t tend to spawn often like Lapras or Snorlax, these would be fantastic helps.

Another neat new feature is being able to customize the player character’s wardrobe. There’s a wide new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items for you to choose from; so get ready to get back into Pokémon Go and show off some style.


“Today is a momentous occasion for Pokémon GO as we welcome more Pokémon and build upon the encounter and capture mechanics for the passionate global community of Trainers playing the game,” said John Hanke, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Niantic, Inc. Hanke further assured that they would continue to support and evolve the game for years to come.

The update rolls out later this week.

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