Ending an almost four-year run, Orbit has shut its doors as an organization to partner with Red Reserves and rebrand into an eSports investment firm.

Red Reserve became a subsidiary of Orbit Esport AB towards the end of December, the investor group that owns Orbit eSports. In the announcement, Orbit explained that operations would continue as normal, but the merging would allow for the two companies to develop new plans in their shared future. At the time, it appeared that the deal was struck to move Red Reserve more into the eSports scene but, now, it’s clear that there was much more going on than what was being said.

With their former announcement in mind, the teams that formerly functioned under the Orbit eSports banner will move forward as a part of the Red Reserve brand. All members of the organization, including staff, coaches, and players, will don new jerseys to represent the change.  This includes the rosters Orbit fielded for Call of Duty, Gears of War, and SMITE. Additionally, both Orbit’s female and male CS:GO teams will operate under the Red Reserve flag.

However, Red Reserve’s now-former Call of Duty team has been left without an organization, as they were released earlier this month to presumably make room for Orbit’s.

While fans are left scratching their heads over why Orbit would make such a massive shift from running an eSports organization to an investment firm, CEO of Orbit Esport Patrik Andersson explained that it wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.

Today marks one of the biggest steps I have ever made in my career, leaving something that I have built from scratch over four years to lead another has been hard for me to do,” wrote Andersson, “But after having the opportunity to work with the guys behind Red Reserve, Red Reserve is truly something special.”

“Alongside myself, my team behind Orbit Esports will be joining forces with the guys behind Red Reserve as we work collectively towards building Red into what it has to the potential to be: a juggernaut in competitive gaming & entertainment.”

Alex “Formula” Kushelevskiy, founder of Red Reserve, said that he felt the merge was only natural as, soon after they began negotiating, it became “apparent both companies complemented each other really well, from the Staff behind Orbit down to the Players.”

Formula continued on to say that the merger brings them one step closer to their long-term goals to expand outside of just entertainment.

“We are both looking to make a lasting impression within the gaming scene,” Formula said, “This merger brings us one step closer towards our goal of building a world-leading international gaming club that our fans would be proud to support.”

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