A 30 second trailer for the soon to be released Breath of the Wild has aired on Japanese television. It shows off a good number of things we’ve yet to see, and it makes sense for Nintendo to be pushing excitement for the game as much as possible with the release date in just over two weeks.

The trailer seems to feature a boss fight with a tunnelling sand monster, which is probably going to bring back frustrating memories of the Twinmold fight in Majora’s Mask for long time fans of the series. It could even not be a boss, which is even more terrifying. Link’s also seen blocking a torrent of fire from a lizard type enemy, and in combat with an enormous cyclops (I bet you can’t guess where to shoot the arrow). There’s a giant spider-like machine climbing a mountain, and a shot of Calamity Ganon.

Aside from enemies, the trailer shows off a lot of scenic moments that display how pretty the game world is. Riding on your horse along the ocean, sailing through the sky on a glider, and a room that looks too much like an elaborate puzzle not to be a dungeon. Zelda appears at the end, wielding a ball of magic, and standing beside the other characters we saw in the Switch Direct’s trailer for the game. A more grand sounding of the traditional Legend of Zelda theme plays throughout the trailer, making everything feel more fast and adventurous.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will release on the 3rd of March alongside the launch of the Nintendo Switch as both a Wii U and Switch title.

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