Anyone who had to sit through a boring class or lecture knows the joyous reprieve that is doodling in the margins of your notebook.  God of War director David Jaffe brings this idea to fruition in PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death.  In the Playstation Blog’s interview with Jaffe, he painted the game as a “third person competitive multiplayer only hybrid shooter/brawler.”  Starting as a high schooler stuck in class, you are transported to the world of this child’s notebook and get to battle as his characters in an environment of his design.  In this world you are pitted against three other players, with a four player cap, and must brawl it out to the death.  With characters like a scandalous shark ninja and a savage rocker wielding weapons like an eagle rocket and a shotgun ax, this brawler already looks kick*ss af.  Not only is the art amazing, but the voice acting and crude humor is very reminiscent of Kreig and the Psychos in Borderlands.


In his interview, Jaffe stressed how he wants the player to feel like they are learning more about the game every time they play.  With a “high time to kill” he explained that players will be able to explore the maps in order to use the environment to their advantage, while learning the play style of their opponent.  While he promises that the game will remain fast paced, it will also not be as chaotic as current shooters where you are “dying every 45 seconds.” (Thank you David Jaffe!!)

Drawn to Death comes out for Playstation 4 on April 4th, and will be $19.99 on the Playstation Store.

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