A livestream was held for Horizon Zero Dawn which revealed several new details about the upcoming PS4 game.

One specific bit of information was Zero Dawn offering custom HUD settings. This will allow players to toggle the compass, XP meter, Weapon and ammunition indicator, stealth symbol, oxygen bar, and more. The options for the HUD range from always on, off, and dynamic.


In addition, there is also an interesting photo mode, which Guerrilla Games confirmed to be a mode that allows the change of view. Players can adjust the field of view, rotate the camera freely, and hide the UI. It also allows opportunities for cinematic shots by options to adjust the brightness, remove the main character Aloy, and even change the time of day for specified lighting in any scene. You can check out the details of photo mode in the PlaystationReport video below.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch in the US February 28th and on March 1st for European audiences. This date is actually a delay from the original scheduled 2016 debut.


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