Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik will no longer be playing as a part of Counter Logic Gaming’s starting lineup, according to the organization.

Subroza joined CLG just a year into his Counter-Strike career, which has been mostly spent bouncing from team to team in a quest to find his forever home with an organization. Since signing to the team in August they have had rather disappointing results, rarely qualifying for any premier-level events and regularly falling short at the major events they did qualify for. CLG was unable to qualify for the ELEAGUE Major, coming in 12th-14th at the offline qualifier, as well as DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and the IEM Season XI World Championship.

For as unimpressive as their run together has been, however, the organization made it clear that it was Subroza’s decision to step away from the organization. According to a press release penned by itsSlicer, Subroza chose to remove himself from the competitive scene and return home for personal reasons.

“Unfortunately, a few days ago he notified the team that he would like to step down and return home for personal reasons,” the press release explained, “We are sorry to see Subroza leave, but believe that he has the skill and aptitude to return to the competitive scene when he feels he is ready. We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him return.”

As for what those personal reasons may be, neither CLG nor Subroza have elaborated on what exactly led him to leaving the team. Subroza’s teammates did, however, take the time to share their thoughts on the former member of the roster, with many of them praising his work ethic and ability to take criticism in stride.

Temporarily replacing Subroza will be James “hazed” Cobb, who was previously CLG’s in-game leader before he took his leave on the cusp of the new year.

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