Watch Dogs 2 launched this past November, but if you haven’t picked it up and are considering it, you can now check out the free trial. Courtesy of Ubisoft, you’ll be able to enjoy three hours of the game with all the features included, co-op and online multiplayer included.

Watch Dogs 2 will take you into an open-world re-creation of San Francisco, where you’ll be able to hack your way around the environment. You can explore the Bay area freely, go on a destructive two-player co-op romp with a friend, or enjoy the story as you please.

These three hours are yours to decide how you want to enjoy them in the game’s huge open world. Once the three hours are up, you can purchase the complete game with all of your progress intact.

As of today, January 17, this demo will be available to PS4 users. As for Xbox One users, they’ll get it a week later on January 24.

We’ve previously reviewed Watch Dogs 2; you can read our review here! Our reviewer, Bobby, enjoyed the game greatly; so we give the three-hour trial a solid thumbs up.