Uncharted: The Lost Legacy might be developed as a spinoff of Uncharted 4, but Naughty Dog assures you that this new title will be striving for something different. A Playstation Official Magazine UK interview with Naughty Dog, details courtesy of PowerUpGaming, gave us a look at what’s to come.

If you haven’t already heard, you’ll play as returning character Chloe Frazier in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy rather than Nathan Drake. She’ll be teaming up with Nadine from Uncharted 4 in this adventure.

Uncharted Lost Legacy Screencap 1

According to creative direct Scott Escayg, the game will be set in India. Escayg pointed that India was a fitting setting for a title in the Uncharted series. “India’s got really nice iconography: hidden temples and weird deities we can play off of, so it’s a perfect setting for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” he said.

Game director Kurt Margenau also had a few comments in the interview. In terms of gameplay, you ought to expect something different than Uncharted 4. He suggested that things would be getting wider.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s something we’re excited about on the gameplay side, this kind of contrast of an urban setting and a rural setting; a tighter experience and more open experience,” he stated. While it’s unclear what he means, he could be referring an open world feel or the scope of the game’s world.

Uncharted Lost Legacy screenshot 2

Elements like this will make Uncharted: The Lost Legacy feel like a hugely separate game and experience from Uncharted 4. Creative director Scott Escayg, this game “will be tonally different, but in the same context of the Uncharted world.” In terms of setting and what could be a more open world Uncharted, you will get a very new experience from the series.

For more details on the game, check out the original reveal teaser here. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will release on PS4, some time in 2017. It will come as a standalone game, and will also come as a download for Uncharted 4 players with the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Explorer’s Pack.