Resident Evil 7 is around the corner, and ahead of its release we now have an (incomplete) trophy list. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t contain as many spoilers as you might have thought. Although if you want spoilers, you don’t have to look very far to find them, as early copies of the game are already floating around and information on an entire playthrough is available at this stage.

The majority of the trophy list mentions pretty mundane tasks, mostly based around certain things you do in combat or what you collect in-game. It was originally leaked and posted on imgur by the owners of users with early copies of the title. There are a couple of trophies with minor story elements in the description, namely “Can’t Catch Me” and “Out Before Dessert”, both of which refer to the playable video tape sections of the game.


There’s an interesting challenge trophy that requires you to beat the game in just 4 hours, also, that’s called “Just Get Me Outta Here”. This one is probably most achievable if you play through the entire game holding forward on the controller, covering your eyes and screaming at the top of your lungs at all the scary noises.

Here’s the complete list as we know it, but there are 11 hidden trophies that we’ve yet to see. These are probably the story related ones.

She’s Alive (Bronze): Travel to Louisiana.
Behind Closed Doors (Bronze): Close an open door by yourself.
Arms in the Air (Bronze): Block an enemy attack by guarding.
A-Ha! (Bronze): Obtain something by closely examining an item.
Nice Try (Bronze): Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.
Open Your Eyes (Bronze): Use psychostimulants.
In The Bag (Bronze): Increase your item slots.
Things Got Personal (Bronze): Finish off an enemy with the knife.
Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! (Bronze): Clear insects off a door using a knife.
That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball (Bronze): Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.
1st Place at the Science Fair (Bronze): Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.
Can’t Catch Me (Bronze): Complete the “Mia” videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.
Be Kind, Please Rewind (Bronze): Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.
He’s Here, There, Everywhere! (Bronze): Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.
Less Is More (Silver): Take down two or more enemies with one shot.
Out Before Dessert (Silver): Complete the “Happy Birthday” videotape within 5 minutes.
Pelicans in Your Pocket (Silver): Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.
The Devil Is in the Details (Silver): Read all of the files in a single playthrough.
Mr. Nowhere (Silver): Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.
Playing It Safe (Bronze): Complete the game on Easy.
The Nightmare’s Finally Over (Bronze): Complete the game on Normal.
Who’s Your Daddy Now? (Silver): Complete the game on Madhouse.
Just Get Me Outta Here (Gold): Complete the game within 4 hours.
Resource Manager (Gold): Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.
Biosplattered (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is out on the 24th of January for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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