The Pokémon Company is doing a huge crackdown on hacked files of Pokémon Sun/Moon. Nearly 6,000 bans have been given to players caught with illegal modified data, banning them from Global Link online services.

A report from the Pokémon Company Japan confirmed the news. Players found with hacked Pokémon or other altered save data on online features like Rating Battles or online competitions were the target of this particular ban. In total, 5,944 players were banned for “unfairly altering save data.”

Banned users are unable to use the following functions in Pokémon Sun/Moon.

  • using Game Sync
  • entering in Rating Battles and battle competitions
  • participating in Global Missions

These users will be greeted with the error code 090-0212 if they ever try to use the game’s online features. Player rankings earned in Rating Battles will additionally not be counted for users guilty of hacking the game.

The Pokémon Company pledged to continue looking for and banning Pokémon Sun/Moon players who have hacked the game. Previously, players who accessed online features of hacked copies of the game prior to release were given severe consequences back in November. The recent bans are a strong reminder that they don’t intend to go easy on hackers.