Injustice 2 has had an unspecified 2017 release date since its reveal during E3 2016. We’ve seen character teasers, but have yet to officially learn when the game will come out.

Recent rumors have suggested that the game will release on March 28. However, director Ed Boon has taken to Twitter, and explicitly stated that March 28 isn’t the official release date.

Microsoft’s list of upcoming games put Injustice 2 at March 28. You can see a screenshot below.


The standard placeholder for a Q1 (January-March) quarter release without a specific release date tends to be March 31, like you see with Mass Effect: Andromeda. Because Injustice 2 wasn’t similarly marked, rumors of a March 28 release date spread.

A Q1 release date may still be possible, though. GameStop’s annual earnings report placed Injustice 2 as one of the marketing focuses for the January-March fiscal quarter.