If you played Just Cause 3 and thought that there just wasn’t enough unmitigated chaos, this mod might be what you’re looking for. Now you can tie a man to jet and fly it into an oil rig primed to explode with all your friends. Think of the shenanigans multiple Ricos with multiple grappling hooks can (just) cause.

It’s not just one buddy, or even two buddies who can join you. The mod, which is named quite pragmatically “JC3: MP”, has servers which can contain up to 100 people. Now that’s a lot of mindless carnage. You can muck around the island to your heart’s content in free roam mode, or enter more specialized multiplayer modes like a traditional death match or even a deathrace. Or a regular race, you know, if you really hate fun. The site officially states that: “Our modification opens the door to incredible multiplayer possibilities including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, roleplaying or free-roam”. So really you can just go nuts.

It'll look just like this, but entirely in flames.

It’ll look just like this, but entirely in flames.

This is similar to the mod Just Cause 2 received adding on multiplayer. Actually, the original team of developers for that mod had planned to make one for Just Cause 3, but the project fell through when Cameron Foote, head of the team, was actually hired by Avalanche Studios to work on the game itself. So Nanos GbR, the team behind the JC3 multiplayer mod, stepped up to the plate. The mod was released as a beta last month with a trailer you can view just below, and just now has had an official release.


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