Killer Instinct‘s latest DLC fighter, the killer robot Kilgore, joins the fray! Players will be able to download Kilgore on Xbox One and PC, as of today.

Last month, we got a teaser of Kilgore during Update 3.6 patch notes. By playing Shadow Lords mode as ARIA, you would be able to find him in the Forgotten Lab– but you weren’t actually able to play as him. Now, you finally have the chance.


As you might have guessed from his name, Kilgore is connected to series veteran, Fulgore. We’ve previously learned that he’s a prototype to Fulgore, and here’s the full official character description:

Before Fulgore and the Mark 03 units were introduced to the world, Ultratech created a line of failed cyborgs during the secret CCIX Program. These hulking battle machines bore twin overpowered chain guns that tended to overheat, making them unstable and unfit for service. But one cyborg—nicknamed Kilgore—became self-aware, and started rewriting his own software to account for this deficiency in his hardware. Saved from the scrapheap, this special unit has been brought out of retirement by ARIA to enforce her will…and Kilgore obeys.

Kilgore can be downloaded for $10. Half of all purchases will go towards the 2017 Killer Instinct Community Fund, which will provide the prize pool for a number of official Killer Instinct tournaments. That’s certainly one way that Iron Galaxy and Microsoft can continue to support and provide for their thriving competitive scene.

Community manager Rukari Austin stated, “Even if competing in tournaments isn’t your cup of tea, you still have a chance to help support KI and the scene in an amazing way.” Currently, the Killer Instinct Ultra Tour has been funded with over $100,000 by Microsoft Studios for pot bonuses and Tournament Organizer production support. By buying Kilgore, you’d be supporting the game’s competitive future for the 2017 year.


You can download Kilgore from the in-game character select, the store, or even queue up the download from Microsoft’s Xbox Store webpage.

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