Rise & Shine by Adult Swim Games is a nice blend of action adventure with a dash of puzzle-platformer. Following our young eleven- year-old protagonist, Rise, some how manages to get ahold of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, a trash talking gun that can cause all kinds of mayhem on the invading Nexgen forces. What kind of invading forces does the Nexgen bring to the table? Why legions of  bad ass space marines, zombies, and an armada of bosses all bent on destroying the once peaceful land of Gamearth, of course.


Rise and his new companion, Shine, are tasked with taking on this invading threat that is the Nexgen in the hopes of bringing Gamearth back to it’s peaceful past. Thankfully Rise has unlimited respawns on his side and Shine has all the weapons and abilities to make the Call of Duty kids jealous. Remote guided bullets for those cowardly Nexgen that try to hide, electronic bullets to make the robots feel all tingly and warm as they get returned to that great big electronic store in the sky, and so much more for players to use to cause untold amounts of carnage!

The game opens as the Nexgen invade Gamearth, Rise ends up getting “the gun that will save us all” off of a dying local inside a shopping mall. He is given the task of getting Shine to the king of Gamearth. Then the carnage truly begins, as the first area has mines that pop out of the ground that can send poor Rise’s head flying away from his body like the cork of a champagne bottle. It is also being riddled with a ton of missiles, so that’s something to look out for.

The game adds a layer of depth to the world with simplistic additives like a cover mechanic in a 2-D world. With a simple hit of a button Rise can take cover behind rubble and pop out using Shine’s laser sight to pick off enemies. Rise & Shine also takes  a fun approach to the little tutorials that pop up when the player gets new gear. For instance when the player first comes across the RC add on which enables the ability to control Shine’s bullets, after a few snarky comments Shine says something like: “Lucky for you it comes with a hand brochure, so your guide knows how to handle them”. It was kind of a fourth wall break, and I like it.


There are a bunch of other game play aspects that make the game look like an absolute blast to play. Double jumping, dodging, puzzles galore, and not to mention some pretty decent dialogue that offers a few laughs. I only got to watch a few levels of the game and the amazing trailer but so far it seems like Rise & Shine is well worth the fifteen dollar price point. If any of what was shown or talked about above peaks your interest give the game a shot on Steam or Xbox One right now.

Developer: Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team

Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Genre: Indie, Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Website: Rise & Shine on Steam

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