Final Fantasy XV‘s next update will be coming January 24, and we’ll finally see the Moog Chocobo Carnival event that was announced last month. Square Enix posted the patch notes, and announced New event festivities will go live into the game, and players will be able to pick new costumes for Noctis.

You can access this event by downloading the Holiday Pack. Players who downloaded the free version and players with the Season Pass alike will have similar access to the Carnival event. However, players with the Season Pass do get an extra costume that’s hard to pass up: a goofy mariachi-like get-up for Noctis.

For more details, read up our coverage of the Holiday Pack download’s content. Square Enix hasn’t announced what kind of activities you’ll be able to do in the Chocobo Carnival yet, so we expect to find out soon.


In addition, the update brings a useful feature: the ability to take photos at any time you want outside of battles. Before, Prompto’s Snapshot technique let you freely take photos in battle to an extent, but there weren’t any options to time pictures yourself outside of battle. Now, you can. Take Prompto around, and snap all the goofy moments your heart desires.

Courtesy of Siliconera, here’s a translation of Final Fantasy XV‘s January 24 update notes.

Holiday Pack+ Update

  • Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
  • Carnival Style costume (Noctis-exclusive)
  • Photo frames “Holiday Pack + Limited Version”

Holiday Pack (Free Version) Update

  • Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
  • Mog Choco T-Shirt costume (Noctis-exclusive)
  • Photo frame “Holiday Pack (Free Version) Limited Version”

Self-Photography Function

  • Allows players to freely take photographs at any time other than during battles.

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