The sequel to the 2003 title, Beyond Good and Evil, was originally announced in 2008 and its status since then has been “probably in development” at best. It has been a source of speculation and a usual guest in the rumour mill for a good number of years, but if the latest leak is correct, it could be just around the corner.

Laura Kate Dale, editor of Let’s Play Video Games, has tweeted that “Project Odyssey” is Beyond Good and Evil 2, and will be a timed exclusive to upcoming Nintendo Switch console for 12 months. She also states that there will be a teaser for the title shown at the end of the Nintendo Switch Direct of the 12th of January.

There’s no actual official confirmation of this information from Ubisoft, or any information regarding Beyond Good and Evil 2 being on the Switch. Laura goes on to mention that both physical and digital releases on confirmed, with later releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC being digital only.

As this is just a rumour, the leak shouldn’t really be taken as fact, but the notion is certainly exciting (or frustrating depending on whether or not you intend on getting Nintendo’s latest platform) and it’d be nice to see the game finally see the light of day. In a post release The Last Guardian world, all bets are off really.