Bad news for Animal Crossing fans: the upcoming mobile version of the game has been delayed until the next financial year. Nintendo’s financial earnings report officially noted the delay. If you aren’t aware, that’s a very broad way of saying sometime between April of this year and March of next. This is quite a severe delay from the original, already delayed release date of Q1 2017. They don’t mention a more specific release timeframe. Maybe we can report Nintendo to Isabelle for being problematic citizens.

I bet they're quaking in their boots now!

I bet they’re quaking in their boots now!

This is specifically because of other upcoming and already released mobile titles that are taking their focus. Fire Emblem Heroes will be launching in just a couple of days on the 2nd of February, and will probably require a good deal of post-launch support with things like server loads and added content. The other title is the already released Super Mario Run, although it is currently only released on iOS. It will be coming to Android devices in March.

We don’t really know anything about the Animal Crossing mobile title yet, other than that is exists, so it’s hard to say where exactly it is in development and if that contributed to the delay. It’s probably worth the extra development time if it means avoiding another Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.