Maria “Sakuya” Creveling, formerly “Remi” has left Kaos Latin Gamers after approximately two months of playing with the roster.

In an announcement made to their Facebook page, the Chilean League of Legends team explained that the split was made by Sakuya, who has been experiencing a number of health issues since joining the lineup and moving to the team house in October.

The news of Sakuya’s dwindling health is no surprise to fans, however, who has complained about complications via Twitter, claiming that she has been suffering a botched root canal treatment, tooth abscess, vocal cord damage, and unnamed legal issues regarding the medications she took in the United States.

However, Sakuya has also mentioned on her personal social media accounts that she has been dealing with more than just health concerns, claiming that she has, “had to deal with a lot of [expletive]” since arriving in Chile. Her troubles, of course, were medically, but also had to do with troubles with the organization itself and a number of, “broken promises.”  She has also expressed a desire to return to North America, both to be with her family again and to compete in the NA LCS.

At present, Sakuya has not revealed any plans towards furthering her career, as it is likely that she will be focusing on her recovery before returning to the stage.

As for the future of Kaos Latin Gamers, the team promises to announce their new lineup in the upcoming weeks.

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