In what feels like a relentless quest for world domination, Echo Fox has signed a total of seven players from the FGC, and have resigned their current players to extended contracts.

For Street Fighter V Echo Fox welcomed Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Momochi, Yusuke “Momochi” Momochi, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, and Justin “Jwong” Wong to compete alongside current player Julio Fuentes. Brad “Scar” Vaughn and Dominique “Sonic Fox” McLean have signed to the organization as their resident Mortal Kombat competitors. Joining Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman in the Super Smash Bros. department is Leo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez.

“From day one, our goal has always been to build the premier esports organization in the world, setting the new standard for professionalism, team achievement and player development and wellness,” Echo Fox founder Rick Fox told Yahoo Esports, “Today’s announcement demonstrates our willingness to think big, think global and execute a strategic battle plan.”

The immense weight that had been added to Echo Fox’s caused such a stir that it began to trend on social media, and not without good reason;  to say that Echo Fox has stacked up their roster would be a gross understatement.

Every one of Echo Fox’s FGC lineup is considered to be one of the very best in their scenes. Jwong was recently recognized by Guinness World Records for his accomplishments as a successful member of the fighting game community, Mew2King consistently places in the top percentage of Melee competitions, Momochi is heralded as one of the best Ken users in the world, and Tokido is regarded as one of the Five Gods of Japanese fighting games. SonicFox has also championed Evo on three separate occasions in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X, and Scar frequently sees top four finishes.

While MKLeo has had visa-related difficulties that have prevented him from competed in the States, he has made a name for himself for becoming one of the top Smash players in Mexico at just the age of 15, having taken sets off of top-tier players such as Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, as he uses characters that are typically overlooked.

Of course, Echo Fox is getting a great deal out of signing more than a handful of the best players in the world. However, according to the players, it’s not one-sided.

Momochi and ChocoBlanka, the Street Fighter power couple based in Japan, said that, “Echo Fox not only values our results and achievements, but also our activities such as Shinobism, training a new generation, and hosting events.”

Jwong has even considered quitting his full-time job with Nvidia to pursue a career solely dedicated to professional gaming, much like how Smash’s Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma quit his job as an engineer in 2016 following his Evo 2016 win.

“I’m actually thinking about it. I’m not going to lie,” said Jwong, “I’ve been really close to making that decision because of how much support I’m getting from Echo Fox and the potential future of fighting games and esports.”

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