Playtonic Games’s collect-a-thon platformer Yooka-Laylee will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Windows , Mac, and Linux on April 11, 2017.

While there’s much to rejoice about, there’s an oddly conspicuous absence among the list of platforms: you probably already noticed that the Wii U isn’t listed anymore, as originally planned.


Playtonic Games announced that the Wii U version has been cancelled, citing development difficulties. Their official blog stated that they’ve “encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.” The news is rather unfortunate, and an inconvenience to a number of their backers.

Instead, development has swapped towards a Nintendo Switch build of Yooka-Laylee. Currently, Playtonic has implied that the Switch version will be unable to launch alongside the game’s release on other platforms. Hopefully, since the Switch will be out by March, we might see the Switch version releasing around the time frame as its other versions; more details will be announced about the Switch version in 2017.

If you originally chose the Wii U version as a Kickstarter backer reward, Playtonic will be doing what they can to make it up to you. In January, you will have the chance to request your copy on one of the other available platforms or to upgrade to the Switch version.  Those who wish for a refund are encouraged to use Kickstarter’s backer messaging system.

A new gameplay trailer for Yooka-Laylee also dropped today. Here, you get a glimpse at a newly revealed world, Capital Casino. Capital Casino will have Yooka and Laylee navigating a casino owned by main antagonist Capital B, where guests can “enjoy our fraudulent- erm, ‘fantastic’ games.”

In this world, Playtonic mentioned that players must now “compete to win casino tokens, and exchange them with the banker for the pivotal Pagies!” You’ll explore whacky environments including disco floors, oversized roulette tables, Donkey Kong Country-style cart rails, course- dangerous traps.

This will be only one of a number of worlds you can find in-game. The official blog teases that when the actual game drops, there will be much more to discover.

If you weren’t a part of Playtonic’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign, pre-orders are now available in retailers for Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Those who pre-order Yooka-Laylee on PC, Xbox One or PS4 will receive a sort of beta version of the game called the Yooka-Laylee Toybox, which will allow fans to experience the platforming mechanics set to appear in the full game in a spoiler-free sandbox mode.


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