Naughty Dog will be keeping up with its plans to keep Uncharted 4 supported with additional maps, modes, and other content. Next week, Uncharted 4 will make a new Survival co-op mode and multiplayer DLC content available.

Survival plays as a horde-style mode. You’ll need to survive through 10 stages, where you’ll need to hold out against 50 waves of enemies. Unlike other horde modes, there’s varying objectives that include Survival, Siege, Treasure Race, Marked Man, and Boss Waves. Survival mode will have you take on tasks from collecting treasure to taking on boss pirate ghosts.

Play with up to three players online, or play with an AI companion. Local split-screen is not available for Survival, unfortunately.

Naughty Dog will be hosting a Twitch stream on Tuesday, December 13 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET. They will be showing off more Survival footage, in addition to revealing what players can expect for new multiplayer maps and weapons.

Like all the Uncharted 4 expansions so far, Survival will be available completely for free. Naughty Dog published a roadmap of what you can expect in terms of the game’s future content; feel free to take a look below.


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