Nintendo‘s mobile title Super Mario Run was supposed to a successful stride for them, but Nintendo might be stumbling a little bit along the way.

Super Mario Run launched just yesterday and quickly climbed to the number one spot on the iOS free games chart. However, shareholders don’t seem to be impressed. Shares dropped by about 5%, which lowered the company’s market value by $1.1 billion. The values slightly recovered by the time the Tokyo stock market closed, and ended the day with a decline at roughly 4%.

Analysts have previously suggested that the game would mark a major business success for Nintendo. Research firm SuperData predicted that the game would reach 30 million downloads and earn $60 million in its first month. Serkan Toto, a noted video game analyst, suggested that the game would break 1 billion downloads and become one of the most popular smartphone games in history.


There are a few factors that could be responsible for the current market reaction to the game. Currently, the game is only available on iOS and won’t launch on Android until 2017. The SuperData research previously suggested Super Mario Run’s initial earnings might not match up with Pokémon Go‘s, which did launch for both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, Super Mario Run hasn’t been made available in China yet. China is one of the world’s biggest consumers in the mobile game market and could be a tremendous missed opportunity in initial sales figures.

The game’s one-pay-to-unlock pricing model may not also be pushing more earnings either. While the download statistic could be high, it has yet to be proven how many players will want to pay for the full game.

Back in October, we reported a similar reaction when the Nintendo Switch was announced. Market analysts seemed skeptical of the console’s appeal.

Stocks might continue to fluctuate, so we might have more to report this as more information about Super Mario Run‘s download and earnings statistics come in.

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