At The Game Awards, last night a new trailer for Shovel Knight‘s Specter of Torment expansion debuted on stage. Like the previous expansion, you’ll get this one as a free content update if you own Shovel Knight so, this spring, get ready to dig into the world of Shovel Knight once more with the next playable boss campaign.

The campaign will serve as a prequel to Shovel Knight‘s story with star Specter Knight as the main character. As Specter Knight, you’ll follow his adventures recruiting Shovel Knight’s nemeses, the Order of No Quarter, for the Enchantress.

Like the Plague of Shadows DLC, you’ll also have a brand new play style to experience as well. You’ll find yourself dashing, slicing, and wall climbing this time, instead of digging and bouncing per usual.


Yacht Club Games states that they’re “building Specter of Torment from the ground up so that it can be a completely unique standalone experience.” Expect new boss fights, armor, areas, music, and more. Even returning boss characters will have some new moves up their sleeves.

Specter of Torment has been part of Yacht Club Games’ plans for future expansions. In the future, we’ll see a King Knight DLC campaign, the gender-bender Body Swap Mode, and Battle mode. Currently, all of these are in development for future release on console and PC.


For now, if you’re curious about how Specter Knight will play, check out Yacht Club Game’s official blog. Get ready to hack and slash through the world of Shovel Knight when Specter of Torment launches for free in Spring 2017 for PC and consoles.