Planet Coaster is absolutely fantastic! As tempted as I am to leave the review at that, I guess I’ll explain. As a long time theme park building enthusiast (I’ve spent a disgusting amount of time on the RCT games) I have been looking for a game that would bring back my excitement for this genre…this is it. This is the perfect theme park building game.


About the Game

Well, it’s exactly what you think it is: you build a theme park! There are the usual sandbox and challenge modes, and the challenge mode is very well organized. You start at the lowest challenge, and then work your way up through the ranks. After you complete the first scenario you move on to the next one.

A neat feature of Planet Coaster is that you can upload your ride and building designs to the Steam Community, so that others can use them.

The Interface

Some people don’t find the layout to be a big deal, but in simulator games, I find it to be key. When there are too many menus, categories are grouped weirdly, or one window takes up the whole play screen, it is extremely distracting.


Planet Coaster was a dream to operate. I went into the challenge mode of the game knowing absolutely zero about it and jumped into the game with ease. For the smaller details like free rotating your attractions, they give a little explanation when opening the menu. You can hide these tips, but when starting the game, I found these tips extremely useful.

Graphics and Music

The graphics of Planet Coaster are wonderful. The shadows of the attractions reflect what time of day it is, the water looks great, and the scenery is very detailed. A feature that I enjoyed was the different “views” you have in the game. You can look at it from an attendee’s view (first person), or watch them react to things in your park. If someone is in the way, just hit a key, and voila! You can now look at it from the eyes of someone else in their party. Even during this feature, the graphics were awesome.

Usually I don’t pay attention to the music in games such as this, but the soundtrack was great. It was upbeat and fun, but done well in the sense that it wasn’t childish and obnoxious. Planet Coaster was fun to play, and listen to.



Planet Coaster is a must have for those who want a grownup amusement park simulator. It still has the classic features like researching rides, marketing, taking out loans, and tracking how your guests feel, but it is in a perfectly organized and player friendly package.

It was refreshing to play, and offers a beautifully designed safe haven away from your daily tilt games. At first I balked at the $45 price tag, but after the first hour, I realized it was completely worth it. I could easily sink 100 hours into this game between the challenges and sandbox modes. The Steam Community makes it even more fun!

Planet Coaster Review
  • User friendliness
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong sense of community
  • Price vs play time (for some)
9Overall Score
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