You gotta believe! PaRappa the Rapper, the classic PlayStation mascot from the PS1 and early PS2 days, might have an upcoming new game. In South Korea, a recent application for age rating was submitted for a game titled “PaRappa the Rapper.” Could this mean an upcoming reboot is in the future for one of Sony’s classic franchises?

Today, the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee received the application from Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea. The title and information surrounding this are unfortunately vague, however. We’re currently unsure if this title is for a remaster or re-release of PaRappa’s older games, or for a brand new game.

Still, the announcement does offer hope for the classic Sony fan favorite title, which hasn’t seen a new game since 2001. PaRappa’s 20th anniversary is coming soon on December 6, and this weekend marks Sony’s huge PlayStation Experience event on December 3-4.

PaRappa wouldn’t be the only PS1-era hero to stage a recent comeback. During E3 2016, Crash Bandicoot remasters for PS4 were announced.

Do you think a PaRappa the Rapper reboot or sequel is on the way? Let us know, and hopefully, we’ll find out this weekend. PlayStation Experience kicks off with a keynote speech starting 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST on December 3

I need to hear you say "You gotta believe!"

I need to hear you say “You gotta believe!”


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