Killer Instinct published a video breaking down and detailing some of the changes you can expect in Update 3.6. The update offers a number of game balancing changes and costumes, but the best part of the 3.6 trailer has to be the new character: a badass robot with machine guns for arms.

Killer Instinct‘s next DLC character, Kilgore, will arrive in January. Skip to 1:08 in the video, and you’ll get to see a brief look at him and what he can do in battle. He’s supposed to be the prototype of series veteran Fulgore, and it shows in his character design.

More details about how to unlock Kilgore will come in the future. However, we will get to see how he plays early according to community manager Rukari Austin, who mentions that there will be “opportunities to compete against Kilgore before his release.”

While no details have been found, the community might have figured out what he had been teasing. Players on Shoryuken have reported that you have the chance to fight against Kilgore in Shadow Lords mode. By reaching the Forgotten Lab with ARIA, you will have the chance to fight up to three Kilgore units. Even if you can’t play as him yet, finding him will show you a more detailed look at his kit.

You can read up on the full 3.6 patch notes here. One of the biggest changes affects combo breaking. Successfully breaking a combo only recovers about 50%, and you start regenerating gray health after three seconds instead of one. This will encourage players to try for longer combos, since there’s less reward for continuously landing successful combo breakers.