IO Interactive has a Christmas time present for its Hitman players. Hitman will receive a free Christmas themed mission titled “Holiday Hoarders,” which will be set in a snowy Paris decked out in Christmas decorations and presents.

Two thieves have broken into a Paris fashion show to try stealing all the presents, and up to Agent 47 to stop them and save Christmas with his deadly precision. According to the official site you’ll be able to open up the presents and “use whatever you find inside to help eliminate these two sticky bandits…” Some of the holiday surprises even include a Santa disguise for Agent 47 to wear.

The DLC will be free to support the World Cancer Research Fund. If you’re feeling a bit of generous holiday spirit, IO Interactive is encouraging fans to donate. You’ll be able to do so on the World Cancer Research Fund’s page here.

If you’re wondering how this update affects the current in-game mission set in Paris, this update will not replace the existing Paris mission, Showstopper. You will be able to choose which of the two missions you’d like to play.

Holiday Hoarders will release with Hitman‘s December update on December 13. You can also see the rest of this month’s content schedule below. As usual, this includes new Elusive Targets as well as a new challenge pack and Escalation Contract.