Since Minecraft came out years ago, there have been many sandbox games that have tried to live up to its legacy of both creative and adventure aspects. Boundless is the newest entry into the sandbox world, and it seems to be bringing a whole new spin on things.

Boundless seems to have a similar vibe to Minecraft with block textures, but it also has a slight feeling of No Man’s Sky’s universe setting. Like No Man’s Sky, “Every world in the universe is visible in the sky of every world other world, either as a point planet for distant worlds or a stunning real time planet rendered in the sky.


There are a few things that make Boundless different from the other aforementioned games, and that’s the multiplayer and world traveling aspects. When connected to the game servers, you are then connected with players around the world and compete to claim the universe. Travel inbetween worlds is quick and easy by just hacking at a wall that creates a portal to the next planet. You and your friends can build towns and cities that can become the capitals of the planets you’re settling.

The in-game economy is also created by the players where each shop’s prices is maintained by the player running it. You can buy/sell equipment and creature drops from different vendors created by different players.

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