Kim “Ryung” Dong-won, Terran player for Team MVP’s StarCraft II roster, has decided to take his leave from the organization according to a post made to his official Facebook page.

“Olimoleague will be the last time I will be in Team MVP,” Ryung explained, “I will continue to pursue a gaming path in the future. There have been situations that have gone bad, but I will overcome them and get back out there!”

Ryung came to Team MVP in January of 2016 following a brief stint with True eSport, formerly known as Team Extreme Supremacy. During his time with Team MVP he managed to place third at the World Cyber Arena: Spring Qualifier, which advanced him into the WCA Global Finals that will take place in Beijing on December 12th-18th. Ryung also placed in the 5th-8th bracket in the Global StarCraft II league Season 2 Code S.

As for his future, alongside his competitive career Ryung revealed plans to stream with Choi “CranK” Jae-won and Yang “Alicia” Joon-shik. The trio, who played together as a part of SlayerS before the team’s disbandment in 2012, plan to stream international tournaments such as Shoutcraft due to the events being difficult for South Korean fans to watch.

MVP has not yet commented on the split.

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