The election everyone and their cat has been looking forward to just went live, and it’s not the US election (Though you should probably still care about that, too).

LoL Esports just launched voting for the League of Legends All-Star event, which will remain open until November 8th, so fans can begin casting their ballots for the players they would most like to see attend.

Fans can vote on one player per position per region but, as per voting rules, no more than two players from each team can attend the event, meaning you are only allowed two votes per team. Cross-regional voting is permitted, but it is weighted. Only 20% of a particular player’s votes can come from outside of their region and, should more than two players from the same team receive enough votes to attend, the two with the highest weighted votes will be invited.

Regions include the LCK (Korea), NA LCS (North America), LPL (China), LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), EU LCS (Europe) and IWC (International Wildcard). However, voting will not include the IWC regions. The team representing the IWC regions will qualify through the IWC All-Star Event, which will be held in Barcelona on December 1st-4th.

All-Star is an annual Riot Games-organized community event that mashes pro players from multiple regions onto teams Fire and Ice. It’s a shits-and-giggles tournament composed of regional matchups, 1v1s, and a number of event-specific game modes. All-Star allows for fans to throw aside their team and region rivalries to come together as a community that loves League of Legends, ending the year on a fun and positive note.  In June, Riot revealed that the 2016 All-Star event would take place at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain, on December 8th-11th.

Samsung Galaxy’s Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin, ROX Tiger’s Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, TSM’s rookie of the year Vincent “Biofrost” Wang, G2’s Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen , and Paris Saint-German’s Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim, who recently retired, are among those eligible for voting. You can find the full list of players, and cast your votes, on the All-Star voting section by clicking here.

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