Every year around this time the common conception is to talk about the things in life we are most thankful for. I have a plethora of moments in my life to be thankful for and that I am typically fond of remembering. The time my friend’s mom let me move in to their house when I lost my old apartment and my day job wouldn’t lift a finger to help me. The first time my mom woke up in the hospital after three weeks of being unconscious. The first time I heard my girlfriend’s daughter laugh and say “Hi Allen!” and I knew from that point on we were going to be best friends. So naturally there are a few games that I am thankful for as well. Whether they brought me closer to someone, or are somehow tied to an event in my life, below is a compilation of the games I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Resident Evil 4– (Last Generation Consoles. Current Generation Consoles, Mobile Devices, PC)

I regard Resident Evil 4 to be one of my first true experiences with horror. From the moment I walked in to that first village and was surrounded by the enemy and just as I thought I was going to make it, the revving of a chainsaw started in the distance. Doctor Salvador was after me and there seemed to be no escape he sunk his chainsaw in to poor Leon’s chest and it was all over! It was a wild ride that has never felt stale every single time I play through it. You can grab the most recent update for it now for only twenty bucks, and if you some how haven’t played it I highly recommend it.


Gears of War Series- (Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One)

The Gears of War series has been a staple for many friendships throughout my tenure with gaming. The reason I am thankful for this game is that it brought me close with a lot of people I hold near and dear to my cold heart. My friends Christian and Sean have both ran through the franchise several times with me and I have never felt closer to those nerds than when I see then gleefully ripping Locust in half with Lancers. My mom and I ran through every game in the series just a few months prior to her brain injuries and it was very fortunate that one of the only things she remembered when she woke up was playing the series with me. Now I have been running through the series with my girlfriend and it has been an absolute blast sharing the tale of how the Gears fought the Locust and the Lambent back to save humanity from the brink of destruction. If you want to see that series play out you can grab the first game now for as low as three dollars at local GameStop.


Left 4 Dead Series- (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)

My little sisters never really seemed interested in playing games until the story of four survivors alone in the apocalypse captured their attention. From then on we all got well acquainted with the terror that gripped us every time we heard the Tank music kick up. The deep sense of dread that filled us when a Witch’s cry was heard and we couldn’t find her. As the horde flooded at us I noticed the mix of delight and fear in my sister’s eyes and it filled me with joy to be able to share my hobbies with my little sisters and have them enjoy them the way I do. You bet your health kit I preordered the second game as soon as I was able too and spent well over a thousand hours with it. Each campaign was absolutely horrific and never seemed to lose it’s fun. Running through the woods or an abandoned town while being chased by flesh hungry freaks is something I highly recommend doing with a group of friends. I recommend grabbing the game on PC  because mods add a nice longevity to the apocalypse. Plus I mean who wouldn’t want to see a group of velociraptors shooting at a wave of infected individuals? Regardless of how you choose to play the game can run you as low as twenty bucks.


Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of The Damned (Last Generation Consoles)

These games were both grossly underrated gems. Lollipop Chainsaw followed Juliet Starling as she saved her high school from zombies that were raised from the dead by the local emo kid. The game also featured one of the best soundtracks I have ever experienced in  a video game. Everything from Lollipop by The Chordettes to my personal favorite band’s hit from their first album, Five Finger Death Punch’s The Way of The Fist, even Children of Bodom have a spot on the soundtrack. It really breaks apart each set piece in the game and makes them all feel unique and memorable.


Shadows of the Damned follows demon hunter Garcia Hotspur on his adventures through literal hell in the attempt to save his girlfriend from the demon that took her. The game is chalk full of genital jokes and combat very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. The reason both of these games are ones I am thankful for is the fact that they helped me realize it’s great to like games that maybe aren’t the most popular. I heard a ton of mixed reviews about both of them and still decided to try them and I ended up loving them both. They’re two of the games I like to credit with being the whole reason I do Games for Budget Gamers. Spread the word for hidden gems like this and to help you save some money. You can grab both games respectively for as low as fifteen bucks, and just seven dollars for Shadows of The Damned.


Pick of the Month: Sunset Overdrive– Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first game I ever reviewed for Gamer Assault Weekly and it really felt like I had accomplished something when I sent in my review( yeah, yeah mushy stuff about how I’m thankful for my job and how much I love it). As evil corporation FizzCo’s energy drink starts changing the population in to disgusting mutations it is up to the player to stop the spread of the plague and take down FizzCo. The game has a plethora of genuinely entertaining weaponry that never fails to make taking on the pumped up bad guys feel rewarding. The game also does a fantastic job of making the player feel like they are forging their own hero. From letting players run up the side of buildings and glide through the air, along with some of the most enjoyable customization abilities the game never fails to impress. Insomniac created one of my favorite games of this console generation and you can grab it now for as low as ten bucks.


Hopefully you enjoyed this account of some of the video games I am most thankful for, and hopefully it made you think of some of the games you are most thankful for. If It did we would love to hear about it in the comment section below. It’s a nice change of pace to hear about some of the things that make people happy in this world, other then all the asinine things they tend to get angry over. Don’t even get me started on how dumb it is to hate on Starbucks for their line of Christmas cups, we have much bigger problems to be worrying about.