Yesterday, Miitomo officially updated to 2.0, along with a week long promo to encourage users who may have stopped using the app, along with attracting new users. The promo has new wallpapers, flooring, outfits and coins for the store that you’ll gather for various actions, like logging in every day or using the new features.

It's-a Mii, Molly!

It’s-a Mii, Molly!

There’s quite a list of new features, including private messaging. It’s not as simple as an IM window, however. Your Mii will personally deliver a letter to the recipient’s room, and you can choose which expression they’ll have when it’s delivered. Your Mii will be gone while this is being delivered, so you have the option to send a “sidekick” Mii instead to deliver it for you.

Which is a very convenient segue into the next feature, Sidekicks. Sidekicks are other Miis created on your account, with the option to make them private or public. You can dress them up in your outfits as well, and teach them catchphrases, like some sort of performing parrot. They will also be allocated their own room for you to decorate alongside your own.

Which again, leads us to the next update. Room decoration was a much asked for feature in earlier versions of the game. You play a drop game like the ones you play to get themed clothing, which gives you a chance to unlock wallpapers and flooring. Some of these are given to you during the promo period of the game, however, so you won’t be too left out without any available tickets or coins. You’ll also be given poster spots, which you can use to put up your favourite Miifotos or other images from your device. The first is free, but further slots will cost you 99 cents a pop.


There’s also two new hubs, Style Central and Answers Central. Style Central (above) allows you to share your outfits and earn MyNintendo Coins, while Answers Central provides you with timed questions to answer. When you check other answers, they’re presented via a newsreel of Miis all around the world reading their answers to you. Lastly, the way you view answers has received much needed attention, with the addition of a timeline which shows recent answers from your friends, and a chatter section with discussion in the comments of these.

Nintendo hopes that these new features and the promo will revitalise Miitomo, which has dipped in popularity since its launch. Nintendo does plan to somehow link it to Super Mario Run in the future.


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