Defiant’s Hand of Fate 2, which blends tabletop deck-building games and rogue-like dungeon crawling, has now been officially confirmed for the PS4. The PS4 version will launch alongside the already confirmed Xbox One and PC editions. If you haven’t already, check out the write-up about Gamer Assault Weekly’s very own Molly’s hands on experience with the game at PAX AUS; she previously described the game as a “masterfully crafted Dungeons & Dragons campaign.”

In further PlayStation news for Hand of Fate 2, Defiant announced that you will get to see Hand of Fate 2 in action at the PlayStation Experience event this weekend. If you’re at the event, you’ll be able to play a brand new demo at Booth B1008. Defiant will also debut the recently announced third companion, Estrella Fiore. Her picture is just below.


Estrella is a ranged companion, described as a “terror at range.” The official press release describes her unwavering persistence, which will “grant a second attempt during the new Pendulum minigame, designed to test precision and timing.” You’ll need Estrella’s talents along with your other companions in order to combat units from new enemy factions from the Frost and Greed suits. The Frost’s Northerner Giants use sheer brute force and homemade weapons to deal massive amounts of damage. The Greed faction, on the other hand, employs swift attacks and maneuvers using assassins and alchemist units.


Hand of Fate 2 will launch in early 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The original Hand of Fate was a success that garnered over 2.2 million downloads, and Hand of Fate 2 is shaping to be a promising sequel.