Last Friday, we announced there would be Nico Nico Live stream on November 1st to unveil some new Pokkén Tournament news. Well, this morning, Bandai Namco announced Pokkén Tournament‘s newest fighter, and it’s… Croagunk! Surprised?


Croagunk is a Poison/Fighting Pokémon. He was already in the game as a Support Pokémon, but he’s been promoted to a full-fledged fighter. The trailer shows off moves inspired by his move set in the main games, like Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb. And of course, watch him smugly power up by using a little bit of Swagger. His Burst Attack involves him using Double Team to dogpile on top of his opponent, and unleash a powerful attack.

The trailer oozes with his happy and smug demeanor. For such a small Pokémon compared to the rest of the cast, he’s always chuckling at his opponent and showboating on screen. Fans might say he’s inspired by Brock’s Croagunk from the TV anime.

Catch the trailer below.

Croagunk caught fans off guard, because they had expected the announcement to be for the Water/Steel Pokémon Empoleon. Files from the 1.3 update had confirmed the previous two characters, Darkrai and Scizor- and so Empoleon, the third character in the data, was thought to be the next character to be announced. Still, Croagunk is an excellent choice that’s well known and liked from its appearance in the Pokémon anime.

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco has yet to comment on if these arcade characters will join the Wii U Pokkén Tournament roster. Bandai Namco and Nintendo may announce updates for Wii U at a later date.


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