With the success of last years Among the Sleep, Killbrite Studio has announced its newest project Mosaic.  With a post on the Playstation Blog, the indie devs from Norway described their newest project with the following:

“Mosaic is about a person living a bleak and repetitive life in a cold, systematic city. Every day looks and feels the same way and you have no meaning or sense of purpose in your life — until one day, when strange things start to happen around you and everything changes.” 

The developers also released a teaser trailer which reflects its description in its Pixar-esque art style.  You fill the shoes of an office worker who fills his monotonous days with the same daily routine.  From what we’ve seen none of the characters have faces. The only identifiers of the protagonist are that he is not wearing a suit jacket and his sign in ID is 978-0674430006.  Though this could just be a random number, it could have some meaning in the game.  The monotony breaks around 0:53 in the trailer below, where the main character’s head turns into a fish and he is abruptly transported from his home to the ocean.

Krillbite studios will be presenting Mosaic at the Playstation Experience in Anaheim, California on Decembr 3rd and 4th.  Though there is no official release date, Killbrite hopes to release the title at the end of 2017.

We will keep you update on details as they emerge at Gamer Assault Weekly!


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